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Proposed Congressional Map 2024 - Update 2/26/24

Democrats Moving to Kill Bipartisan N.Y. House Map, Risking Lawsuit

Democratic leaders in the State Legislature signaled their intent on Monday to reject a bipartisan proposal and redraw the congressional map in their party’s favor.
Democrats insist any changes they might consider to the district lines are motivated by reuniting so-called communities of interest split between districts.

"But once it’s voted down, the Legislature’s Democratic majorities will get to make their own changes to the map before putting it to another vote — a move that Republicans have threatened to challenge in court if, as expected, it results in more Democrat-friendly districts.

Ron Lauder, an heir to the Estee Lauder fortune and a frequent Republican donor, has vowed to fund a GOP-led lawsuit, according to The New York Times. He did the same in 2022, when Republicans successfully argued Democrats gerrymandered the lines.
Both the Senate and Assembly are expected to begin voting against the panel’s map Monday evening. (Tonight)

Under the state constitution, the map requires a two-thirds vote for approval and — with Democrats controlling more than two-thirds of the Legislature — is widely expected to fail in both houses."

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