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Candidates and Campaigns Committee recruits suitable candidates for county elective  office, screens candidates for approval by the County Committee, provides information and  logistical support to candidates for village, town and county elective office, and assists in  their campaigns within the county; this group shall also maintain a County Committee  liaison with the county board of elections, provide advice on requirements of the Election  Law, and prepare petitions for Democratic candidates; in addition it will maintain  communications with the state and national Democratic Parties and develop and support  candidates for state and federal office in concert with the state and national parties. 

Communications Committee manages the County Committee’s communications with the  public and advises town committees with respect to their communications needs. The  committee maintains the website, social media and Google Drive content, as well as the  photo database, and sends emails to the committee. The committee shall also work in conjunction with Democratic elected officials to facilitate more effective governance and  communication among Democratic elected officials and the County Committee. 

Combined with Communications Committee - Information Technology Committee is  responsible for purchasing technology equipment and software, for deploying and  maintaining technology equipment and software, for maintaining and updating the voter,  donor and fundraising databases, for technical assistance with the Committee’s website  and other on-line activities and for providing support for communications (e.g. mailing  lists), and campaigns (e.g. walk lists).

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