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NY19 Votes & GCDC Demonstration at Molinaro's Office in Leeds

Over 30 NY19 constituents showed up at Molinaro’s office in Leeds yesterday - thank you! And a big thank you to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood!

Congressman Molinaro won by a narrow margin. We’re insisting that he listen to all his constituents:

- A clean debt ceiling bill without cuts that will hurt constituents

- No cuts to Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid. He said these are “off the table”, but neither he nor the Republican caucus have presented a plan for saving Social Security.

- Urging co-sponsorship of the recently introduced Women's Health Protection Act of 2023 (HR 12)

- Demand that he protect our waterways, not weaken the Clean Water Act, which he did with his “yes” vote on H.J.Res.27

Check back for info on our next demonstration at Molinaro's Office in Leeds!
Or email for more info & sign-up for email list on our home page -

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