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Important Questions - Important Election! Register to Vote by 10/14/22 - don't miss this election!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

By Bobby Janiszewski:

Women as equal citizens with guaranteed quality healthcare that allows them to make their own choices, education and the teaching of accurate national and state history, voting rights and regulations, increased wages, workplace safety, healthcare benefits, environmental protections for the future... all at risk? All in the hands of each state? No Lewis Act, Voting Rights Act, environmental law enforcement, protection of women’s rights? Important questions. The base question: is America witnessing the setting of our democracy? Will the glory and progress of the “Melting Pot of the American Dream” evaporate? The Republican Plans to overthrow our democratic voting system, or a clear election outcome unless they win, are prevalent. Republicans enact unpopular laws against women's choice, open voting, and election outcomes they do not like. Republicans continually fight against healthcare access, reduce Medicare and keep Pharma costs high for profit. Republican candidates Molinaro, Serino and Zeldin support these unpopular views. Shall we engage and convince our family and friends to vote blue, or give up? That is our choice, and your choice to make in 2022. We have arrived at a fork in the road to the future. Voting blue this election is critical. Voting for Hochul, Delgado, James, DiNapoli, Riley, Hinchey, Chase, Cochrane, Galligan and Graff are critical to produce elected officials from NY who support the rights of the people and work hard to deliver relief and gains to the people of NY.
I know my choice. Do you know yours? Meanwhile, the future is in YOUR HANDS and the hands of your family and friends. Will YOU help to shape the American future? Or, will you sit on the sidelines? Or in the audience and watch the battle from your seats? That's up to YOU. Go Ring a doorbell... Call your family and friends.... get you and your neighbors out to vote! Join your local Democratic Committee. SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY - NOVEMBER 8TH....

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