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Greene County - Meet Your Candidates

There are 9 County Legislature candidates and 38 Town level candidates running on the Democratic line (Row A) this November - the most in Greene County history. These candidates are challenging decades of the "status quo" because "holding the line" has set Greene County behind. It's time for us to challenge that status quo, to bring real representation to every level of our local governments from Superintendent of Highways up to the County Legislature, and to demand our local representation actually DO something.

Aren't you tired of having:

  • NO major healthcare provider

  • NO affordable or workforce housing

  • NO major industry that creates jobs

  • NO vision - NO plan - NO action

But the voters can change that, WE can change that. We can vote for someone

  • Who is ready and excited to do the work

  • Who seeks compromise to create real solutions

  • Who will fight and advocate for us at every level of government

  • Who won't settle and won't give up when it gets hard

  • Who will lead with vision and passion to improve our quality of life and capitalize on opportunities

  • Who will bring our money back home instead of giving it away to others

  • Who are ready to say YES!

Here is who has stepped up to the plate and ready to work for us (by town):


Town Supervisor - Michael Pirrone

Town Council (2 seats) - Phyllisann Dinkelacker & Cari Gardner

Town Justice - Paul Kim


County Legislator (2 seats) - Harry Lennon & Bill Scheriff

Town Supervisor - Ted Banta

Town Council (2 seats) - Lou O'Connor & Tom Vasquez


County Legislator (4 seats) - Doreen Davis, Jeff Friedman, Neva Wartell, Monique Chestnut


County Legislator (1 seat) - Brenna Rustick

Town Council (2 seats) - Kiley Thompson


County Legislator - Randall Schmollinger

Town Council (2 seats) - Michelle Clark


County Legislator - Daryl Legg


Town Supervisor - Yukari Day

Town Council (2 seats) - Judy Dibenedetto & Innes Kasanof

Tax Collector - Robin White

Town Clerk - Patricia Warfield

Town Justice - Ken Williams

Superintendent of Highways - Russell Bouton


Town Supervisor - Sean Mahoney

Town Council (2 seats) - Dolph Semenza & Ernie Reale

Superintendent of Highways - John Farrell


Town Supervisor - JR Quackenbush

Town Council (2 seats ) - Elide Bell & Taylor Coloton


Town Supervisor - Jo Ellen Schermerhorn

Town Council (2 seats) - Michael Barcone

Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Charlotte Jaeger

Town Justice - Joe Cuesta

Superintendent of Highways - Kevin Simmons


Town Council (2 seats) - Thomasina Winslow


Town Council (2 seats) - Mason Chase & Andrew Rikard

Town Clerk - Kathleen Sherman

Town Justice (2 seats) - Switlana Breigle & David Rikard

Superintendent of Highways - William Sutton

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