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Meet Brenna Rustick

Candidate for Durham County Legislator, District 9

My name is Brenna Rustick and I am running to represent Durham on the County Legislature. I
have lived in Durham my whole life, attending Cairo Durham until my graduation in 2017. I love
the country aspect of Durham and would love to keep that aspect while also promoting
businesses to come into the Town. I have heard stories about how busy it used to be here,
especially during the summer months. It would be awesome to see Durham the way it was twenty
years ago. I believe that input from young people is vital to continue a functioning community, and
not only do I wish to be a voice for young people of Durham, but the County as a whole.

Why Brenna is running

1. Youth Representation is vital on all political levels
2. It’s 2021, there is no reason why everyone can’t have affordable access to broadband.
3. We need to do more to curb the Opioid Epidemic in Greene County
4. Durham is lacking in infrastructure. We need a doctors office/clinic, bank etc. We shouldn’t have
to travel outside of town to complete common tasks.
5. We need more transparency.

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